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48 Hours and Ridgemont XC 2nee Ride Results

There was a woping 44 riders for the 48 hours 2knee Ride this week and 11 of the Ridgemont XC.  Check out the results!

48 Hours MEN


Aiden                        0:05:27

Luke                         0:05:31

Strahan                      0:05:38

Gui/Conrad                 0:05:41

Ross                         0:05:44

Al                              0:05:49

Ian                            0:05:54

Bayden                     0:05:58

Vince                         0:05:59

June 12th Trail Maintenance

Trail Maintenance June 12, 2014. We will continue with the revitalization of the old roots trail this Thursday June 12 meeting at 6pm at the bike park, or ride up and join us anytime after that.
FTA maintenance committee

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