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Hyper 2knee up/down/overall results and 2014 2knee Series King and Queen

Tuesday, August 12, 2014 saw the last 2knee ride of the 2014 season, the Hyper Up/Down/Overall

21 riders came out.  Check out the full results below.

For the climb, the top three men were Ed, Paul and Greg.  Top three women on the climb were Aina, Megan and Michelle.

The downhill times have Strahan, Ross and Luke in the top three for men and Michelle, Megan and Aina in the top three for women.

Red Sonya 2Knee Ride Results

28 riders headed out for the Red Sonya 2knee Ride last evening.  Huge thanks to GIV'ER for the rad prizes and, as always, thanks to the PARK PLACE LODGE PUB for hosting us after with beer and nachos.

Check out the results below.  But before you do that, don't forget about the last 2knee Ride of the year, next tuesday.  It will be the Hypervent up/down - we will time the up, down and overall. 



1. Strahan                 2:00

2. Ross                   2:02

3. Conrad               2:06

4. Aiden                  2:10

48 Hours and Ridgemont XC 2nee Ride Results

There was a woping 44 riders for the 48 hours 2knee Ride this week and 11 of the Ridgemont XC.  Check out the results!

48 Hours MEN


Aiden                        0:05:27

Luke                         0:05:31

Strahan                      0:05:38

Gui/Conrad                 0:05:41

Ross                         0:05:44

Al                              0:05:49

Ian                            0:05:54

Bayden                     0:05:58

Vince                         0:05:59