Trail Conditions and News

Logging started in Ridgemont this week

As part of Jemi Fibre's five to ten year plan of logging 300-400,000 cubic metres of land per year, popular bike trails in Ridgemont will be affected. The Fernie Trails Alliance has issued a warning to all recreationalists using the trails this fall to stay clear of Ridgemont trails running between Branch B and Big Money/Loose Change on Ridgemont Road. The trails that will be logged around are Kush and Kushiest above the Ridgemont haul road.The lowest part of Watering Hole will also be in the operations area. Below Ridgemont Road trails in or near the logging operations will be Kushier, Little ChainRing, TR3 and the Coal Discovery Trail. The FTA will have work parties in the late fall and early spring to clean up the trails after the logging is completed.

Take the time to enjoy these trails in their glory before they are forever changed by logging, and consider volunteering your time this fall and next spring to assist in their rehabilitation. Thank you to the Fernie Trails Alliance for its continual hard work and dedication to the trails, and for effectively communicating these events.

Thank You Wam Bam Sponsors!

The FMBC would like to send out a huge thank you to this year's sponsors. The Wam Bam is a huge community summer event, anticipated by all ages. It could not go ahead without the generosity of our sponsors. 

City of Fernie
Events BC
Straight Line Bike and Ski 
Fernie Alpine Resort 
TD Bank 
Super 8 Hotel
Smith Optics 
Fab Rite
Edge of the World 
Gear Hub 
Outdoor Technology 
Ski Base 
Rockey Mtn Chocolate Factory 
Fernie Fix 
Guides Hut 
Happy Cow  
The Brick House 

Lazy Lizard etiquette - be safe out there!

lazy lizard

The upper section of Lazy Lizard is nearing completion with the sweat and determination of the Backcountry Trail Experts and the support of theFernie Trails Alliance. The trail is full of sweet berms and jumps which makes it absolutely perfect for going super fast and feeling like you are in aNick Nault Photography video. However, the original intent on this trail was to be family and hiker friendly which means a few things.

1. Make lots of noise on the trail whether ascending or descending the trail. This is not only for animals but also for riders ascending (which incidentally have the right of way). There are a few blind corners so making lots of noise will make riders and hikers going in either direction safer. 

2. Check your speed. If you think you are going are probably going faster than that. This trail is unlike others in our valley that have rocks and roots and sometimes people lose their marbles on such a trail. A smooth trail is a fast trail.

3. Remember (see note #1) - the universal law of single track travel is that the person ascending (going up the trail) has the right of way. It takes a lot more effort to go up than down. If you are descending and see someone riding up STOP and let them go by because they have the right of way.

Have fun riding this new trail!


End of CAIP insurance program

Our current Athletic Insurance program is good through to July 29, 2015 that the FMBC has offered to our membership in the past. 

This program has very low enrolment, relative to the administrative and financial costs to the FMBC.  As a result, we have decided that the program does not warrant us continuing to offer this to the membership.

As such, the CAIP insurance will not be available to renew through the FMBC after July 29, 2015.