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Winter Biking Trails at Fernie Alpine Resort

Fernie Alpine Resort now offers terrain for winter biking.  This includes the cross country trails (Silk & Manchuria), and the Hobbit Trail (Boom Ski Out) – Galloway Loop.

The cross country trails are accessed by Parking Lot #4 and are regularly groomed by the FAR cat crew. These trails are multi-use trails open to Nordic skiing (skate & classic), snowshoeing and winter biking.

The Hobbit Trail (Boom Ski Out) – Galloway Loop is also a multi-use trail and is maintained by a snowmobile groomer on a regular basis (after snowfall).  Bikers can access this trail by following the groomed path from the bottom of the Elk Chair across Highline Drive.

During our daily winter operation, winter bikes are not permitted on the ski hill runs at any time (day time or after-hours).  We appreciate your cooperation in staying on the designated trails described above.  Thank you! 

New Multi Use trail loop at FAR

New Multi-Use Trail Loop

Fernie Alpine Resort (FAR) in conjunction with the Fernie Nordic Society and the Fernie Trails Alliance are pleased to announce that a new multi-use trail loop adjacent to FAR has been created for snowshoers, dog walkers, and snow bikers.

There are two access points to the trail - south of the Elk Lift and - from Highline Way. The trail proceeds in a northern direction for a 4 km loop. See the map on next page.

This trail provides users a loop route from FAR which avoids the Nordic Society Trails which have been built and maintained by local Fernie area residents for exclusive nordic skiing. Dog walkers, snowshoers and snow bikes on the nordic trails are a safety hazard to nordic skiers and seriously impact the maintenance of the trails.

Additional multi-use trails are planned in future years. For further information please contact the Fernie Nordic Society through their web site.

Fernie Mountain Bike Club's photo.


Snow Bike Ridgemont routing

In Ridgemont, we are kindly asking that fat bikers use Kiddie Up or What's Up Doc only to go up or down this are of Ridgemont. Please don't use Lower Ecoterrorist - we are trying to preserve this trail as a safe down for nordic skiers (nordic skier's skis get caught in the bike tracks, making decending hazardous). So, we have designated Lower Ecoterroist as a “fat bike free zone” for this purpose and we are respectfully asking fat bikers to not bike on Lower Ecoterrosit. There are signs directing bikers to Kiddy Up and What’s Up.

Fernie Mountain Bike Club's photo.


Logging started in Ridgemont this week

As part of Jemi Fibre's five to ten year plan of logging 300-400,000 cubic metres of land per year, popular bike trails in Ridgemont will be affected. The Fernie Trails Alliance has issued a warning to all recreationalists using the trails this fall to stay clear of Ridgemont trails running between Branch B and Big Money/Loose Change on Ridgemont Road. The trails that will be logged around are Kush and Kushiest above the Ridgemont haul road.The lowest part of Watering Hole will also be in the operations area. Below Ridgemont Road trails in or near the logging operations will be Kushier, Little ChainRing, TR3 and the Coal Discovery Trail. The FTA will have work parties in the late fall and early spring to clean up the trails after the logging is completed.

Take the time to enjoy these trails in their glory before they are forever changed by logging, and consider volunteering your time this fall and next spring to assist in their rehabilitation. Thank you to the Fernie Trails Alliance for its continual hard work and dedication to the trails, and for effectively communicating these events.

Thank You Wam Bam Sponsors!

The FMBC would like to send out a huge thank you to this year's sponsors. The Wam Bam is a huge community summer event, anticipated by all ages. It could not go ahead without the generosity of our sponsors. 

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