As of 1pm Sept. 2nd there is a FULL CLOSURE of all trails around Fernie for all activities/access.

Please obey all signage and stay off of the trails. This closure is a government mandated closure of all crown land due to extreme fire hazard. All private property owners have decided to close there land along with the crown.

This includes all the gravel roads in the area.

Island Lake lodge has hiking (no biking) trails open up at the lodge only, please check in at Tamarack lodge in case of any changes.
City of Fernie has closed off trail access from the city including,
-Old Stumpy
- Cemetery Bypass
- Montane Trail
- Coal Creek Heritage Trail (trails heads at Aquatic Centre and Old Landfill Site)
- Chamber Trail Head (located at Visitor Centre)
At this time local parks (Annex, James White etc and Dike trail are open)

The length of time of this closure is not known, the written order is in place until October 1st, but may be lifted if changes occur. We will continue to keep you posted if there are any changes to report.

Here is an article outlining the information. http://www.thedrivefm.ca/2017/09/01/32047/

Wildfire BC backcountry closure Southeast Fire Centre