Little Women on Wheels with Catharine Pendrel

Hello young female mountain bike riders, 


The FMBC is excited to announce a girls ride with Olympian Catharine Pendrel and National Team member Sandra Walter 


Friday September 29

4:15 meet at Bike Park

4:30 group photo and ride 

Ride 1-1.5 hours



This special opportunity is FREE to FMBC members.

FMBC Membership- must be a FMBC member and we will not be selling memberships at the ride. Memberships can be purchased online at:  please arrive in advance with a parent or guardian if you need sign a waiver.  

The Route- This ride is open to intermediate riders ages 8 years and up, who have single track experience.  The ride route will be TCT to Ruby's/Montane to Blue Forever down Montane.  We will be able to split off to do a shorter ride for different riding levels.  

Each rider will receive a Souvenir T-shirt, perfect for gathering a few autographs!

Please RSVP by email to so that we have an idea of numbers for the event.


Lu Furber

on behalf of the FMBC